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Wed Mar 21, 2018 - 30 weeks ago

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Developer – Identity Management Engineering

Developer - Identity Management Engineering

Core Business Services

Requisition # ALP001MO

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Join our Core Business Services (CBS) team and you will help support the important business enablement functions that keep our organization running strong. As a CBS professional, you will work across teams to provide the knowledge, resources and tools that help EY deliver exceptional quality service to our clients, win in the marketplace and support EY's growth and profitability. Major teams within CBS include Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Enterprise Support Services, Brand Marketing and Communications, Business Development, Knowledge and Risk Management.

With so many offerings, you have the opportunity to develop your career through a broad scope of engagements, mentoring and formal learning. That's how we develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders, and in so doing, play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. Sound interesting? Well this is just the beginning. Because whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

**Job summary:**

The Developer role in Identity Management Engineering drives the best practices in basic to complex code writing as well as other front end development activities supporting the Identity and Access Management Services (IAMS) directives within the Global Hosting Services (GHS) domain. The role utilizes appropriate programming language such as C Sharp (C#), Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), Java script or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to develop appropriate code that will help integrate processes and direct identity management agents to secure an end users access to data in an appropriate manner. The role's development activities work within relational databases such as in Oracle, and uses knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) to maintain business rules for secured access and communication within those web accessed data bases through their desk tops or mobile devises. The role additionally has a knowledge of both open-source platforms as well as vendor aligned operating systems such as Microsoft Windows where vendor collaborative and more bespoke activities are needed to secure end user's identity and provide appropriate access to data. The role is experienced in the Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and its successor Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to support existing security management agents and to work with the .Net workflows for MIM and FIM as needed to augment same with code development. The role's efforts maintain the web accessed identity elements of IAM applications such as Active Directory and other security related components of the IT infrastructure. The role drives and performs all work with a knowledge of the industry's secure code compliance mandates to maintain adherence to industry and EY's compliance standards for a securely developed identity management platform and services. The role's remit advances the specifics of the assigned Identity & Access Management (IAM) operations and technologies in its current state as well as further up the maturity curve as part of lifecycle management for IAM services and operations. The role's directives are generally received from Information Technology (IT) enterprise architecture projects or as determined or released by vendors such as Microsoft or upon direction from the Identity Management Engineering team, IAM and others in global operations within Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) in Information Technology (IT). The role uses such industry frameworks as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to identify and capture required code changes to drive process improvements and appropriately develops solutions according to agreed specifications such as Operating Level Agreements (OLA) or Service Level Agreements (SLA) to maintain operational readiness. The role provides and drives the integration of these development activities by engaging in appropriate planning and engagement including creating visual mockups, prototypes, scripts, diagrams and other documentation as well as testing for compatibility in order to achieve an integrated architecture across interdependent technologies. The role is recognized as a thought leader in web based identity and access functions within IAM as well as a specialized depth as well as breadth of development knowledge aligned to the assigned applications, servers and databases as well as tools and techniques in use and aligned to same. The role is an individual contributor, though may be asked to manage project aligned teams in their collaborative efforts and to coach less seasoned members of the Identity Management Engineering team in complex directives. The role is guided by the Group Lead for Identity Management Engineering in IAMS.

**Key responsibilities:**

+ Drives the best practices in code design and development as well as project management of complex web aligned build activities for a specific new or modifications to existing features and functions to maintain security of data, manage the change control processes and support operational readiness of IAM services.

+ Understands the broad and specific project directives for IAM to review any proposed modifications or remediation as assigned and to maintain the security, stability and continuity of IAM operating services without interruption.

+ Partners and collaborates within IAMS, and IAM and others in GIS as application owners as well as external vendors such as Microsoft, as needed to understand, agree and plan the specific code modifications and enhancements necessary achieve the agreed development objectives.

+ Identifies and reviews impacted applications, systems network and servers within the project plans directives to agree all resourcing needed for change readiness directives as well as timing needed for development from plan through to release and deployment. Utilizes frameworks such as ITIL to identify or isolate malfunctions or general need for change and directs code to improve processes aligned to incident, problem and other appropriate elements which guide the need for remediation.

+ Drives development activities that improves identity management, credential verification, role based access and other security control policies and procedures within aligned applications at an advanced Level 4 (L4) degree of performance for same.

+ Develops work flows and other design elements using the Development Framework to build identity management agents in Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to provide a proper and secure Windows portal environment access for end users.

+ Works within both Microsoft and Oracle stacks and server environments to drive development across heterogeneous and in-house developed computing environments so that they collectively complete complex tasks within IAM aligned service applications.

+ Drives development activities using a variety of computer programming languages such as Microsoft's Structured Query Language (SQL) Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and C Sharp (C#) to develop code to manage and administer design of code as well as develop and maintain aligned business rules that result from same.

+ Develops through Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), the appropriate web based code for administering Web sites access and search support within databases that operate within Windows servers to enhance web page serving, search capabilities and other attributes necessary for operational readiness and service continuity.

+ Creates visual mockups, prototypes and diagrams as well as performs or directs testing for compatibility in order to achieve an integrated architecture across interdependent technologies in IAM.

+ Provides influence management of other web development teams within GIS or at a vendor that may be assigned to collaborate and participate in the design and delivery of a viable solution or remediation. Communicates to all the ongoing activities and results to business sponsors, stakeholders as well as management as part of knowledge sharing and reporting.

+ Drives alignment to specific governance such as within industry security standards and EY compliance mandates to appropriately fulfill the objectives of the agreed Operating level Agreements (OLA) or Service Levels Agreements (SLA) for IAM and maintain a secure state of operational readiness.

+ Maintains a proactive approach to learning about IAM align components within the GIS infrastructure such as the Active Directory technical environment Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration and remediation, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Maintains knowledge of the ancillary technologies to be developed such as Lightweight Directory Services (LDS) for windows programming, Right Management Service (RMS) as part of the IAM services, and Azure Active Directory. Uses all knowledge to position and effect best practices in web development solutions within the depth and breadth of the IAMS directives and support the time sensitive management, monitoring and automation of Tier 0 technologies and other directives to drive continuous improvement.

+ Maintains the appropriate formal communication of activities according to GIS best practices standards. Utilizes ServiceNow to acknowledge and update the received web development assignment as well as to capture solutions taken as part of service management directives. Utilizes and administers tools such as Systems Center Operations Manager to monitor the infrastructure including data center and cloud servers to predict performance and availability of vital applications and to maintain operational readiness during remediation, implementation to close out.

+ Supports management in the compilation of best practices inclusive of the documentation of processes, tools and projects. Provides coaching to peers and others as needed or requested to support activities or capture findings to drive collaborative success

The role requires a strong analytical acumen and solution orientation to understand the nuances of assigned web development activities across geographic regions, IT server environments or operating systems and to solution within same as well as to guide and plan appropriate web development solutions within the directives of the role's remit as well as maintain usability. Utilizes knowledge of appropriate IAM products and other aligned GIS service environments to make appropriate decisions including the efficient handling of web aligned change impacts that may or may not involve vendor management to guide and effect development directives. The role additionally requires consultative questioning, influence management and critical thinking skills to understand a current directive and recommend and design viable web development solutions that are both cost effective and supporting the value to the business.

**Knowledge, skills and experience requirements:**

+ Maintains solid interpersonal skills to engage with others including senior executives of the firm, in cross business discussions within a matrixed, geographically dispersed organization and to build a solid network of peers and others of influence. Adapts personal communication style to the style of others, develops rapport, stay calm under pressure and escalating issues using advanced oral and written English communication skills.

+ Projects well-defined consultative skill to conduct effective questioning, hone in on key directives to formulate ideas and materials as well as present those ideas clearly and concisely to all levels of the organization including senior and/or executive management.

+ Maintains an advanced comprehensive knowledge of services and applications with the future and forward vision of the IAM processes and operating environment to recognize and position improvement opportunities and next generation solutions achievable through web development or other technical solutions.

+ Manifests a strong analytical and problem solving ability to escalate and negotiate complex and conflicting IAM or GIS aligned development issues, handle multiple and shifting IAM web development priorities across a broad spectrum of operating or server environments and drive solutions that are both financially sound and operationally feasible.

+ Develops an in depth and continuous understanding of EY's business and the way IAMS teams adds to the effectiveness of the EY business. Positions appropriate services and solutions as part of both knowledge sharing and We Development services positioning for Identity Management directives.

+ Manage web development projects by operating within best practices or delegate work as needed utilizing the proper resource, time and project management disciplines across a diverse culture and multiple time zones.

+ Maintains a continuous review of aligned applications and software, servers and networks aligned to the web based IAM services such as Active Directory environments, Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Administration, Oracle and Microsoft's Structured Query Language (SQL) server or portal environments, and Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration and remediation

+ Maintains advanced and continuous knowledge of the remediation and implementation technologies including but not limited to Microsoft C# development language and .NET framework, Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 or later for relational database management, Azure Active Directory and/or LDAP experience, Microsoft Exchange 2010 or Later, Web services, Web Application Programming Interface (API) development, IIS, ASP .NET, C#.NET, XPath, HTML, SQL Query Language and PowerShell. Knowledgeable in software suites as Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), Lightweight Directory Services (LDS) for windows programming, Right Management Service (RMS) as part of the IAM services, to support the time sensitive management, monitoring and automation of Tier 0 technologies and other directives and drive continuous improvement and Development Framework as an industry best practice in web development.

+ The role may also require the periodic allocation of additional time on the job to support multiple demands and escalating issues and could be asked to travel to support planned project activities and collaboration.

**Qualifications, certifications and education requirements:**


+ College degree in related technology field (Computer, Engineering, Science, etc.) or comparable job experiences


+ Approximately 3 to 5 years of experience in a web developer role. Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex job responsibilities during the period inclusive of project management skills, web development and application remediation techniques as well as project planning and implementation. Specific experience includes but not limited to:

+ Approximately3 years of related coding experience with front end development using Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) platforms using C Sharp (C#) programing language, javascript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

+ Approximately 2 years of writing complex stored procedures in Microsoft versions 2005, 2008 or later

+ Thorough understanding of Secure Code compliance

+ Experience in using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process improvement frameworks

**Certification Requirements:**

+ ITIL Foundations (V2 or V3)