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Thu Sep 3, 2015 - 170 weeks ago

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Director of Business Operations

Functioning as a member of the senior management team, under the direction of the Chief Operations Officer, the Director of Business Operations ensures the mission of the agency’s viable businesses are in alignment with the organization’s mission, vision and values.

The Director oversees the business operations of the agency’s viable business which include; Janitorial Services, Transportation, Apparel, and light assembly taking a for profit business approach to the structure and function of departments. The position is responsible for the development and monitoring of internal systems to ensure fiscal responsibility for the viable businesses functioning within the division. The position also promotes customer satisfaction by ensuring that all products and services are delivered timely and in the highest quality. The position is also responsible for ensuring meaningful employment opportunities in the most integrated setting possible. The position is responsible for the financial viability of the agencies businesses. The Director of Business Operations is responsible for ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations.

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree in Business, Manufacturing, Education Vocational Rehabilitation, Human Services, or related area. Three (3) years’ experience in an upper-management position in for-profit businesses. OR Bachelor’s Degree in above areas and five (5) years of experience in middle/senior level management/accountability position including supervisory experience in for-profit businesses. Experience in Quality Improvement Strategies (i.e. Lean, Six Sigma, or ISO-9000) is required. Experience with persons with disabilities is preferred, but not required.