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Sun Aug 20, 2017 - 4 weeks ago

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EAPrep Curriculum Coordinator

The Curriculum Coordinator provides instructional support through planning, organizing, developing, coordinating and evaluating the instructional program. Also provides staff development for all areas and levels of instruction.

+ Provides leadership in developing, expanding, revising and evaluating curriculum documents

+ Provides professional development on the use of the lesson planning tool, data disaggregation software and the TEKS Resource System

+ Coordinates the instructional programs to ensure sequence of subject matter and articulation between grades and levels of the school system

+ Applies findings of research and district studies to improve the content, sequence, and outcomes of the teaching/learning process

+ Assists in improving instructional programs through regular contact with campus principals

+ Coordinates the comprehensive needs assessment processes and the creation and formative/summative evaluation of the campus and district improvement plans

+ Conducts the program evaluation of all federal programs

+ Coordinates the new teacher induction program

+ Oversees the Academic RtI, Dyslexia, LPAC and 504 programs

+ Reviews, recommends, disseminates instructional resources/materials to support designated programs

+ Assists campus principals in assessing program strengths and weaknesses through analysis of test results and other significant data

+ Encourages and supports the development and implementation of innovative instructional programs to meet student needs

+ Communicates effectively with staff, students, parents, and the community by projecting a positive image that enhances the school's mission

+ Communicates and promotes high expectations for staff and student performance in an enabling and supportive fashion

+ Supports programs and actions that facilitate a positive climate for learning

+ Complies with Charter policies as well as state and federal laws and regulations affecting the schools

+ Oversees and coordinates all components of the state assessment program as the District Testing Coordinator

+ Complies with all charter routines and regulations

+ Maintains a positive and effective relationship with supervisor

+ Communicates effectively with colleagues, students, and parents

+ Any other duties required

+ Cooperate and collaborate with colleagues as well as with all stakeholders to determine instructional goals, objectives and methods

+ Participates in professional development to improve skills related to job assignment

+ Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned

+ Work with frequent interruptions and maintain emotional control under stress

+ Occasional prolonged or irregular hours

+ Master's degree from an accredited college or university in Education or related field

+ Valid Texas Teacher Certification

+ Minimum of 5 years of successful teaching experience in a Texas public, private or charter school

+ Have strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills to achieve the goals, objectives and mission of the school

+ Knowledge of the Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

+ Content knowledge best practices in curriculum, instruction and assessment

+ Knowledge of technology, telecommunications and information systems to enhance learning

+ Skill in effectively communicating, bot verbally and in writing

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

+ Texas Administrator Certification

+ 2 years experience as a campus administrator

+ ESL Supplemental Certification

ID: 2017-7516

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