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Sat Feb 10, 2018 - 1 week ago

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Processing Team Associate

Processing Team Associate

Richmond, KY, United States

Job Id#: 19956

Date published: 8-Feb-2018

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Position Summary:

The Processing Team Associate is part of the operations team that performs merchandise processing duties to support the merchandising function of the store. The Processing Team Associate position is non-exempt, and schedules include nights and occasionally weekends. The Processing Team Associate reports to the Operations Team Manager.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:


Performs the process of unloading and sorting merchandise cartons received on trailers. Moves new merchandise to the appropriate processing drop zone in a safe and timely manner utilizing equipment such as rolling flats, carts and z-racks.

Processing and product Placement:

+ Performs merchandise unpacking and unwrapping to ensure readiness for merchandising on the sales floor.

+ Applies sensor tags per company standard.

Maintenance & Housekeeping

+ Removes packing materials from processing zones. Bails cardboard and prepares plastic for recycling.

+ Ensures the cleanliness of the receiving area following processing on truck days.

+ Housekeeping includes being responsible for the cleanliness of the facility specifically the restrooms, associate lounge, fitting rooms and office areas. (Not the case in all stores)

+ Maintains a safe shopping and working environment


+ Exhibits a warm and friendly demeanor when helping customers.

+ Greets all customers and insures that their needs are met.

+ Adheres to Belk's dress code policy.

Non-Core Store Operations:

The PTA is expected to assist with floor tasks to the overall benefit of the store, particularly during times of peak demand periods, including but not limited to:

+ Seasonal sets

+ Floor moves

+ Daily maintenance

+ Fill Ins

+ Daily Standards

+ Recovery

+ Supports the store's focus on Relentless Customer Care.

+ Ability to ring the register


Education and Experience:

Must be 18 or rising senior in high school.

High school diploma or GED preferred.

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