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Sat Dec 16, 2017 - 4 weeks ago

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Pump & Pantry - Sales Associate-Overnights/Part-Time

Pump & Pantry - Sales Associate-Overnights/Part-Time
Pump & Pantry - 13 St Paul - St Paul, NE
Resume Application

Job Description


Summary: The Sales Associate is responsible for serving customers in a professional, quick and courteous manner, while complying with all food handling guidelines.


Supervisory Responsibilities:
o This job has no supervisory responsibilities.
Education and/or Experience (include certs or licenses needed):
o Retail or guest service experience preferred.
Minimum Qualifications:
o Able to work the POS system efficiently.
o Ability to read, write and perform math skills.
o Must possess a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
o Must be flexible with the ability to adapt to change when required.
o Demonstrates excellent communication skills.
o Must be well groomed and properly attired.
o Must be able to work holidays, weekends, and any shift needed.
o Must have reliable transportation and phone.
o Must be able to communicate in English. - IF APPLICABLE
o Able and willing to deliver friendly, courteous, and prompt customer service.
o Able and willing to work cooperatively with other team members.

Additional Info:

Essential Job Duties/Functions:
o Arrive at work in a clean and proper uniform, and be clean and neat in appearance.
o Greet customers in a friendly manner. Understand all functions of the POS system.
o Make change properly.
o Be proficient in opening and closing a shift, including completing all paperwork.
o Use credit card equipment.
o Process all sales quickly and accurately.
o Insure all items are properly stocked and priced correctly.
o Read and follow directions.
o Check in vendor delivery.
o Assist in ordering.
o Understand fuel inventory reports.
o Clean and sanitize equipment and perform simple maintenance.
o Keep store neat and clean, inside and outside.
o Recognize problems and report them to management.
o Project a positive attitude.
o Responsible for all aspects of food operations and handling/storage of product. Complies with all food handling guidelines to meet or exceed state/federal regulations.
o Ensure a clean and healthy food service environment for our customers and associates by following proper cooking procedures and temperature holding temps.
o Ensure that all food products are stored properly, rotated and code dated with expiration dates. Also ensure that all food products whether cooked or stored are held at proper temperatures.
o Responsible for temperature testing food to ensure proper food safety and quality control.
o Providing friendly and competent customer service.
o Reporting for work in a timely manner when scheduled with regular and consistent attendance.